wanna know why I really hate the Mount?

Although I was given a one year academic dismissal on the grounds that my gpa was too low to continue, I decided it would be a good idea for me to take a year off from school and go back in the fall of 2014. I was put on academic probation the prior semester, but it was the result of a mistake on the part of the admissions office and registrar and not because my marks were too low, so I was told it would be disregarded and taken off my record. Just after the end of first semester, I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. I had had a hunch about it before I was officially diagnosed, but I didn’t feel the need to notify the school. Fast forward to second semester when it started getting worse and I started taking medication for it: the medication made it almost physically impossible for me to do anything for more than a few minutes without becoming exhausted and sick, so I missed a three week period of school. That’s when the clusterfuck began. Although I had notified my professors and tried to contact them through this time period (I would email each at least once a day) only one responded and helped me figure out how to stay on top of my work for that class. Upon returning, I tried bringing it up with the other five who had ignored my emails, and I was basically told that I was bullshitting them and they told me it was my own fault I was behind. One of them told me that, even though I showed them documentation explaining my absence, I had already failed her class and I shouldn’t even bother showing up anymore. It came as little surprise to me that I only passed one class. I was advised to send in an appeal to get those marks taken off and pretty much start over again, so I did. I sent five. Six, actually, if you count the one that was just answered. My previous appeals disregarded as if I had never submitted them, I was told that because I didn’t document my illness with disability services before the end of first semester (BEFORE I WAS EVEN OFFICIALLY DIAGNOSED), it was my own fault that my marks were so poor and my professors ignored me. I was then told that mental illness was not proper grounds for an appeal in the first place and that I should have come to school anyway, even though most days it was a struggle to get up to go to the bathroom. As for my professors, they told me that was my own problem and if my professor didn’t believe me, there was nothing they or I could do. In my appeal, I had stated that I wasn’t given proper warning before a dismissal, and they told me that I was and that even though my record was supposed to be emptied of the mistaken probation, it wasn’t. In their eyes, I am lazy, a liar, and I brought this upon myself. They also said that if I wanted to return, I would be placed on probation for another full year, which would only allow me to take three classes a semester. I FUCKING GIVE UP WITH THIS SCHOOL.

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so me and my dog had a mini photoshoot

also is it just me or does he look like he’s smiling in the first one

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How can you not reblog a soapy baby goat




How can you not reblog a soapy baby goat

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Perrie Edwards

Perrie Edwards

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Dirds (Dogs + Birds)

Previously: Celebrities Before & After Photoshop

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Zayn called perrie my missus

Zayn said he gave perrie the perfume and she wears it every day.

Zayn is considering having kids with perrie

If you listen closely you can hear me crying

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